My bad day

Yesterday I burnt my face with my hairdresser machine ( minor injury, do not worry).Today is also my bad day. I got up late. In rush, I woke up my girls for school. We were late enough, not enough I guess, untill we met a traffic jam along Maotsetong boulevard( Today is the wedding day of a millionair’s daughter, yep it’s their day so who care about the traffic jam)  I turn around my back to another road and got stuck there. My girls arrived school haft an hour late. I turn my car back to my office( yep, still jam everywhere). Suddenly, a grandma surprized me with her flying bike in front of my car!!!! (Believe me she did fly not biking even Mr motodup also asked her “what made you in rush grandma??!!” )   Phew!!!!! Luckily, I am talent enough to manage stopping my car at the right moment before a bad accident appears.
Pheeew!!!! I arrive office safely. At noon, I leaved to pick up my girls from school, there’s again, traffic jam bacause of the same wedding I mention above.
Now, look at what my Pich made my day even worse:

Seeing the picture, no need to describe how I feel on my bad day 😦 😥

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6 Responses to My bad day

  1. I know the taste of life to responsible for other three cute crabs in your shoes. But You said that it is the great feeling when your crabs ask you how are mommy. Am I right Mrs.?



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