Dilemma choices

The thing that I feared the most turns out real. My hubby must be shocked much more than I did to hear this bad news. The moment I recieved a call from my friend in anapath lab, I turned blue and thought of how much he would suffered to hear this bad news.
The anapath result is that father in law got lung cancer, adenocarcinoma. This past few days my father in law, thinking that he would be discharged from the hospital, was so happy. He was tranferred to Oncology department instead of going home. The doctor told us that we had two options left. The first option is starting the chemiotherapy right away to extend his life (if the chemio is successfull, he will be able to live 1or 2 years more). The other is using Morphine just to relieve his pain. Without treatment, he only has six months left. We tried to seek informations related to chemiotherapy. Some poeple recomended us not to do chemio because it side effect would only make the patient weaker. At the same time, some other said we had no other choice better than this. We all were in dilemma. We don’t know what to do. We couldn’t let him go like this. However, we dare not try chemiotherapy. We couldn’t sleep, we hardly ate. We worked like a robot…

Finally, my hubby suggested if we just let him go without trying chemio, we would regret all our whole life. We at least has 50% of success.

We decided to hide this bad news from the patient and mother in law thinking that it would only make thing worst. It breaks my heart to hear father complaining why we all tried to keep him in hospital. He tried to convince us all that he is healthy enough to get discharged.

All we can do now is praying that the patient response well to the treatment. May you live long, father.

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